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How To Make Firestarters: 8 Ways To Start Your Fire

How To Make Firestarters: 8 Ways To Start Your Fire   Summer is a great time to have campfires and cooking over the grill. Here are 8 kicka$$ ways to make firestarters!   (Please practise with the utmost caution – have nearby water and never in an area that could cause a forest fire.)   […]


How To Reduce Your Paper Clutter

HOW TO REDUCE YOUR PAPER CLUTTER   Are your counters and tables covered in paper? It comes from every source imaginable: mail, school, kids’ projects, print outs, reminders, the list goes on and on.       Here’s a quick list of 7 ways to get your paper clutter under control.   Mail   Immediately […]


How To Take Control Of Your Money: Budget 101

BUDGETING 101 Making Lemonade: Re-igniting the passion for your goals When life hands you lemons, the experts recommend making lemonade. However, after drinking so much lemonade, you will get tired of it. Living frugally is much like that. You scrimp and save for so long, and you begin to lose sight of the goal. One […]


How To Start a Blog or Website (for the absolute Beginner)

Blogs and Websites For The Absolute Beginner When I decided I wanted to start blogging, I was determined to figure it out. It was a good thing I was so determined, as I had no idea where to start. You will see most blogs have a “How to start a blog” post, but they don’t […]


How To Use Cheques

When to use cheques The majority of people no longer use cheques (or checks) as part of their daily lives, but there are some occasions which still call for cheques. When would you need a cheque: – Paying Rent or utilities – Placing a deposit on a purchase – Paying for services where they do […]

How To Save Money On Your Laundry

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Introducing the How To Guru

Introducing the “How To Guru”!  Welcome to How To Guru. This is a blog site created just for people who are looking for simple steps on how to do just about anything. Our goal is to include as many topics as possible to help you succeed with whatever task is at hand. We hope you […]